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the what, why, and how of brain training

What is brain training? What is it not?

     Let's start with what it's *not*. Brain training using NeurOptimal® is not invasive; augmenting or inhibiting the brain (linear neurofeedback does this- NeurOptimal is a Dynamical Neurofeedback®). This results in no side affects and allows us to train on literally everybody. It does not require a diagnosis, but rather diagnosis is both unnecessary as well as irrelevant because the brain training works with each individuals brain to reorganize in the most efficient way possible to your unique brain. It does not require a credentialed practitioner or effort from the client to make changes; the expertise is built into the system, meaning all you need to do as the client is sit back and relax. 

     What brain training is, is a specialized and advanced form of feedback that gives information back to you about the activity of the brain as it is occurring. Your brain wants to move away from discomfort and find the path of least resistance. It does not naturally do this on its on; and this is why brain training is such a game changer. We train our bodies, why not train our brains? Brain training will make positive change; though we cannot pinpoint exactly what the change will be or how fast it will take place. If you stick with it, you will experience a more flexible, resilient, and efficient brain.  


Why train your brain?

As we like to say around here, brain training is for.every.brain. 

Whether you are an intensely organized person, or someone that feels like they are constantly drowning in problems, neurofeedback brain training is for you. You might want to address negative patterns of processing regarding trauma, or you might simply want an athletic or academic edge over the competition. While we cannot make any claims of healing or curing different diagnosis, there are many "conditions" that people seek out NeurOptimal® neurofeedback for, including:


-OCD and sensory processing disorders

-phobias and sleep disturbances



-Austism Spectrum disorder

-Learning disabilities


And so many more. Basically, anything that creates a pathway in the brain that negatively affects your life. And if we are honest with ourselves, we all have these pathways and ways of processing things. 


How does brain training work?

The electrical activity generated by the central nervous system (CNS) processing can be detected by sensors placed on the scalp and displayed on a monitor in real-time. This is called the electroencephalograph or EEG. NeurOptimal® is able to recognize the incredible natural potential of

the brain and give information (or communication) that mirrors what the CNS just did. This information comes in the form of mathematical interruptions in the auditory and visual fields that offers the individual a ‘mirror’ into their own electrical activity. This reminds the individual to (unconsciously) move away from discomfort. It's like your brain and CNS finding their own unique and optimal "gait".


*NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is not a medical device. The FDA considers it a "general wellness tool".

It will not interact with any medications and has no contraindications  

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